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We are very proud to be able to offer you, in our opinion, Sweden's most beautiful map posters! We offer several cities in several different colors from LINE OF ART - Jennie Elofsson and all prints are printed on a matt textured premium paper.
Line of Art is a brand run by designer Jennie Elofsson. We are very proud to be able to offer posters and paintings from Line of Art! All posters are created by hand by Jennie Elofsson and then printed on 170g matt, textured premium paper. Please note that posters and paintings from Line of Art are printed in Gothenburg on a different paper than the one we use in Paper Town.

SIZE: 50x70 cm

Jennie Elofsson, Line of art, describes herself with the following words:

"I love to sketch, to find a fitting song and play that one on repeat until the sketch is finished. It is a bit weird, but it's my way of finding focus, inspiration and creative lust, and it works perfect for me. What also works perfect for me is the combination of doing some graphic handpainting for the maps and the very detailed portraits. At the same time, it is the combination of doing something that I can't play with so much and doing old ladies with a lot of humour.
It feels amazing to be able to say that I really don't want to take a day off from work. I truly love what I am doing, and I hope you will enjoy my work."

Our range from Line of Art is focused on large cities around Sweden and the world. All posters designed by Jennie Elofsson are available (subject to final sale) with old-fashioned pink, black and dark blue backgrounds. We think all the variations are super delicious and it's up to you which color fits best in your home!

PAPER: Matt 170g premium paper (NOTE! All posters from LINE OF ART are printed on a different paper than Paper Town uses.
FRAME: Not included - see our range of great value frames for a complete order.

Size: 50x70